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What's red, white and blue, over 500 years old, and carries a tune?

Where history and pop culture collide “with hilarious results!” A multi-media musical with the song and dance of BROADWAY, the stars of HOLLYWOOD and the “comedy” of WASHINGTON, D.C.!

Now anyone who ever had to sit (or sleep) through a history class can enjoy American historyas it never happened!  Where else can you see Taylor Swift, JFK, Lady Gaga, Billy Crystal, and Eleanor Roosevelt “in drag”…plus 70 more of your favorite Americans…“dead or alive”ON ONE STAGE!!!

In the tradition of other long running musical revues -- Forbidden Broadway (32 years), BEACH BLANKET BABYLON (40 years), and SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (40 years) -- AMERICAN TWISTORY will update and “twist” the historical events that make up our nation’s history!

And now, audiences can “own” a piece of American history…when they buy T-shirts, coffee mugs, dog collars, and CDs…all emblazoned with our “irreverent” comic logo…because buying tchotchkes is the American way!!


The show that took 5 centuries to write...and is still being written!!