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Opening Night

American Twistory will open with a Gala Celebrity Fundraiser for the Larry King Cardiac Foundation hosted by Larry King.  All the celebrities in American Twistory will be invited to see themselves, “impersonated,” celebrating their part in American history.  As cameras flash they will walk the red carpet against a backdrop of our corporate partner’s branding.

Celebrities include
Woody Allen
George W. Bush
Kristin Chenoweth
Miley Cyrus
Bill Clinton
Billy Crystal
Robert De Niro
Ellen DeGeneres
Bob Dylan
Lady Gaga
Bill Gates
Whoopi Goldberg
Gilbert Gottfried
Angelina Jolie
Kim Kardashian
Larry King
Nathan Lane
David Letterman
Nicki Minaj
Dr. Phil McGraw
Liza Minnelli
Alanis Morissette
Barack Obama
Conan O’Brien
Rosie O’Donnell
Al Pacino
Joe Pesci
Regis Philbin
Bruce Springsteen
Howard Stern
Taylor Swift
Donald Trump
Tina Turner
Barbara Walters
Oprah Winfrey
Mark Zuckerberg