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American Twistory, which originated in Los Angeles, was most recently seen in Boston in a cabaret production leaving audiences “intoxicated!”

What they witnessed was - American history getting screwed up with People Magazine - Lady Gaga ravaging the Star Spangled Banner…Donald Trump insulting Immigrants at Ellis Island…and DeNiro, Pesci and Pacino as “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight” during Prohibition.

And what will keep audiences laughing are…AMERICAN TWISTORY’S ferociously funny and “medicated” comedy writers plus an insanely talented cast performing over 70 “dead-on impersonations” of America’s icons! 

By the end of the show when the Statue of Liberty asks…“Where else but in America can you do a show like this?”…American Twistory becomes hugely patrioticas the cast and Miss Liberty sing the stirring finale “From Where I Stand” as projections of fireworks light up our Nation’s Monuments.

With original songs audiences can walk out singing, lavish costumes, and a dazzling set…you end up with "America's Musical!”   

And what better place for “America’s Musical” than New York City where Tourists, Theatergoers, History Buffs, College Students and Comedy Fans…comprise a huge demographic that will keep American Twistory running as long as history itself.

"Where else but in America can you take your country's historical monuments and turn them into hysterical parodies… AND LIVE TO TELL ABOUT IT!?"